About Us

About Us

Haba-Sped Logistics, Philippines, Inc.

 We understand the pressures of dealing daily with a thousand and one decisions to keep your trading business running smoothly. We know that time waits for no one as you focus a keen eye on your investments and that of the shareholders. We keep in mind that you need a business partner that will suit your needs, exceeding expectations so that you can sleep soundly at night.

 Haba-Sped Logistics, Philippines, Inc., prides itself in its team of logistics specialists who are highly trained to meet the demands of your cargo forwarding requirements. They treat each cargo with meticulous care ensuring that it reaches the point of destination where in the world securely and on time. They are accessible, approachable and responsive to provide HASSLE-FREE SOLUTIONS.

 Concerned about small volume cargoes? Worried about remote area deliveries? Confused about customs clearance documentation? Then we are the right people to answer your every query. We have the technical support, years of experience in the industry and the GLOBAL CONNECTIONS.

 These are all vital to our business. But behind all of it is the true lifeline - our Haba-Sped people. They possess a proactive attitude, exerts that extra mile, and work with their ears close to the ground. They LIVE AND BREATHE A CUSTOMER SERVICE MINDSET based on our company’s simple, down to earth philosophy -- that of providing you with the “better service”. One that will help you grow your business and its potentials by taking the lead in your logistics requirements.

 The next time you have a cargo to send off, give us a call. Our people are always ready to delight each customer.